Janata Bank - Assistant Network Engineer - 2020

Total IT Questions: 40

Total Repeated Questions: 11

Repeated questions are:

  • Which of the TCP/IP address constitute the loopback address?
    • Ans:
  • Suppose we want to download text documents at the rate of 100 pages per second. Assume that a page consists of an average of 24 lines with 80 characters in each line. What is the required bit rate of the channel?
    • Ans: 1.536 Mbps
  • Suppose you are using an HTML browser at a client machine C to access static HTML webpage hosted in an HTTP server S. The page contains exactly one static embedded image which also resides as S. Assuming no web caching which of the following is correct when you load the webpage along with the embedded image?
    • Ans: C need to send at least 2 HTTP requests to S but a single TCP connection is sufficient.
  • Suppose you searching student data using student number as the key. Which of the following arrangement of the student data is suited for binary search?
    • Ans: Student data are arranged in ascending order of student numbers.
  • Suppose you have an 8 bit binary number N. Which of the following operations does not change its lower 4 bits?
    • Ans: A negative logical product of N with 0Fh
  • Suppose you need to assign IPv4 address to two computers of your company so that the both computers belong to the subnet Which of the following is a valid assignment ?
    • Ans: and
  • Which of the following regular expressions represents the set of all the binary strings with an odd number of 1's ?
    • Ans: 0*+(10*1)*10*
  • Suppose you want to insert n elements into an empty linked list while maintaining the sorted order. What is the worst case time ?
    • Ans: O(n^2)
  • Consider an Entity-relationship (ER) model where R is defined as a many-to-many relationship from entity set E1 to Entity E2. If E1 and E2 participate totally in R and cardinality of E1 is greater than the cardinality of E2, which of the following is true about R ?
    • Ans: Every entity in E1 is associated with exactly one entity in E2
  • What is the correct output of the following C program statements?                 
    • Ans: 2  
  • Following table shows the delivery record of an online shop. Which of the SQL statements results in the largest value ?
    • Ans: SELECT MAX (Quantity) FROM DeliveryRecord 

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